Sketches: Inspiration

When I was a Senior in High School I did a series of oil paintings of female painters and writers who had inspired me (Gertrude Stein, Frida Kahlo, Toni Morrison, Georgia O’Keefe, and Virginia Woolf). Since then, this theme has continued to re-emerge throughout my sketch book in many different facets. What can I say, I like drawing from stock photos of brilliant people when I wake up each day. Despite poorly lit and focused I Phone photography, here are some of my sketches of people who have inspired me with their words.  [David Foster Wallace, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, Vincent Van Gogh, Tom Robbins, Jack Kerouac, Robin Williams, Bob Dylan, and (my love) Paul Simon]IMG_9172IMG_9173IMG_9174IMG_9175IMG_9176IMG_9177IMG_9178IMG_9179IMG_9180


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